Think of Nature… Think of Us…


What is PlantKart?


PlantKart is a hassle-free solution to the order wide range of handpicked plants and flowers – at the click of a button!

It’s a one-stop online destination for all the greenery you want build at your home, office or garden.


Our Vision and Motive


PlantKart is more than just an online store. This is an initiative by a team of two enthusiastic software engineers who have vision of creating products that make world a better place.

Besides selling this green stuff, we would love to create awareness and love in people towards our environment.

We dream of a greener planet filled with cool breezes of oxygen. And thus, by helping people to make their lives better, we are helping ourselves!


What are the services we are going to offer?


We have an exclusive collection of beautiful plants, flowers and bonsai trees.

In brief, here is a list of our ever growing services:

1) All Variety of Plants

2) Flowers (Seasonal and Regular)

3) Seeds

4) Soil Mixtures

5) Fertilizers

6) Bouquets that fit for all occasions

7) Floral Decorations for any event.


In case you want to know more about the operations of PlantKart, feel free to write to us –