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** This plant comes in a nursery black bag

Plant features

  • Life cycle: Perennial
  • Height: 2-8 feet tall, in case of climbers it reaches up to 20 feet
  • Flowering season: spring, summer and fall
  • Flower colors: mostly seen in colors like pink, red, dark pink, white, yellow, orange, black etc. Also, nowadays blending of two or more colors are common giving striped or speckled petals.

Pot size for Rose Plant

Rose, if grown in pots, would need containers 30-40 cm (12-16 inch) wide. It is helpful to re-pot them every year after removing old & dead roots. Plants may be changed after 3-4 years

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Growing care

  • Sunlight: full; 6-8 hours of direct exposure to sunlight.
    A few miniature roses can also be grown easily indoors in pots placed near a window sill with filtered sunlight.
  • Water: moderately, whenever the top soil turns dry. Keep the soil moist but not soggy, to avoid rot and fungal diseases due to over-watering.
  • Planting season: all year round


Roses should be fertilized once every 2 weeks during the warm growing season. Use organic fertilizers for the best results, like:

  • panchagavya,
  • vermicompost,
  • Compost tea
  • Rose Mix etc.,

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